Saturday, 30 April 2016

Single: Why We Run - Where I'll Be Waiting

Why We Run Where I'll Be Waiting

Why We Run - Where I'll Be Waiting

Info: 'Where I'll Be Waiting', the latest single from Sydney's Why We Run, was written for a family member suffering mental illness and it follows our previous singles 'Comfortable Lie', 'Ignites' and 'A Moment to Return', which together were streamed over 400,000 times across Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube.

'Where I'll Be Waiting' was released on all major online outlets on April 22, and is taken from our forthcoming debut album 'Holograms' which is due out worldwide at the end of June.     

Mental health is a massive issue here in Ireland recently and thankfully awareness is increasing even if there is a long way to go, those of us who don't suffer from depression and other associated afflictions are hearing the stories of those who do and trying to understand without ever fully being able to match the experiences of those who live every day with the illness. 

Understandably the topic is not confined to Ireland and is a worldwide issue which Why We Run have admirably articulated on their latest single, 'Where I'll Be Waiting'. Lines such as 'I feel, there's no connection, breaking all of me, it doesn't make it right' and 'Your arms, if only they could hear, people living on, chemical tell me I don't know, I tell you you should go, where I'll be waiting for a miracle' are succinct and deliver the required message. The Sydney four-piece have also provided one of their best singles to date musically as the backdrop, tastefully proffering the soundtrack to a very important subject which affect us all one way or the other during the course of our lives, respect.

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