Monday, 11 April 2016

Video: Adrian Fitz-Simon - In Your Eyes

Adrian Fitz-Simon In Your Eyes
Photo: Chris Lindhorst

Adrian Fitz-Simon - In Your Eyes

Info: Early last year, Dublin musician Adrian Fitz-Simon released his album, The Band That Wasn't There, at the time I wrote; "Imagine a concoction of Billy Joel's The Stranger, Elton John's self-titled 1970 album, pretty much anything by Queen and a dash of White Album Beatles and you'll have a fair idea what's shaping Dublin multi-instrumentalist, Adrian Fitz-Simons' album, The Band That Wasn't There." 

Having that eternal nagging feeling that artists have of 'unfinished business', Fitz-Simon has released a wonderful video to accompany the sixth track on the album, 'In Your Eyes', a heartfelt love song that echoes the grandiose operatic nature of the album itself. Whilst his music and style places emphasis on light-heartedness, which is emulated in the video itself, the song is sincere, with the brass arrangement adding a classic 1930's feel to the mood of the track. "In your eyes I see flowers in the garden / And they bloom by that old willow tree / That seems to be weeping forever / Like your eyes have been crying for me." 
Beautifully poetic to boot.

Adrian Fitz-Simon The Band That Wasn't There
Adrian Fitz-Simon - 'The Band That Wasn't There' Cover Art

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