Saturday, 2 April 2016

Video: Laura Sheeran - Light A Fire

Laura Sheeran Light a Fire

Laura Sheeran - Light A Fire

Info: Laura Sheeran is an electronic and alternative pop artist, who also happens to be an extremely talented photographer and filmmaker, and she has just today released a new track and video for 'Light A Fire' which she unsurprisingly produced and filmed herself. My own introduction to Sheeran was through her photography, and until today I hadn't had the pleasure of hearing her music, with the above track set to feature on a forthcoming album, SPELLBOOK. Sheeran also plays The Bello Bar tonight with Bad Bones and Katharine Philippa and will perform some previously unheard material.

A dark and doom-laden bass-line opens up 'Light A Fire', with Sheeran's deep-toned and seductive vocals preempting the intense and spine-tingling atmosphere which is about to envelope us, the line 'Do you remember fucking in fever, dressing me down with your eyes, you made me feel beautiful' striking the listener in particular. Echoed vocals in the distance hauntingly help ratchet up the tension, the mythical and mystical quality of the song brought forward considerably by an almost Gregorian and operatic vocal on the songs chorus. All of this is wrapped in some sharp pounding electronic beats which reach an industrial tempo. 

Visually the video showcases the creative imagination behind it perfectly, hints of the tribal nature of the track are everywhere, the low light of winter capturing the tone and mood, with out of focus shots contrasting the songs softer and more ethereal moments before returning for it's crescendos. I'm a bit scared at how good this album could be, afraid and excited simultaneously.

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