Monday, 11 April 2016

Video: Peco - Safe Haven

Peco Foleys Bar Dublin Live Music
Photo: Remy Connolly

Peco - Safe Haven

Info: Having gained considerable success in the previous life as frontman of Valentine Black, the Kildare native has penned some lyrically driven songs based around the folk, americana influences of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and more. 

The debut single 'Safe Haven' follows up on the previous success of the acoustic track he made available via online stream two months ago 'Grace Isn't Easy'. Although dropped online as a demo, it's gained praise internationally and on a national level.

Peco's video for single 'Safe Haven' (above) was released just at the end of last month, on the single review I had this to say; "When I first heard Peco's first track 'Grace Isn't Easy' I was immediately struck by it's simple charm, and I couldn't mean that more in the furthest sense from it being just a 'nice' song, it's stuck in my head since and I regularly find my internal voice singing it's chorus. While it certainly introduced us to his classic American folk vocals, which remind you of The Band or Creedence Clearwater Revival (when John Fogerty ain't screechin'!), there are notable differences on his debut single 'Safe Haven' (here)."

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