Saturday, 28 May 2016

EP: Ealadha - Limit Of Our Sight

Ealadha Limit of Our Sight
Photo: P.J. Rankin

Info: On 'Limit of Our Sight' Ealadha’s explosive live sound is tempered with an appreciation for space and atmosphere, as on perfectly named opener ‘Hurricanes’. Crudge and Shanley’s stately rhythm section carry waves of ambient, melodic guitar lines. Piano and drum machine flourishes dance around Murphy’s forlorn vocals, all of which builds to an emotive climax, the band’s mastery of the delicate and the aggressive wrapped up in one song.

This is a collection of songs I've had to impatiently sit on for a while, eager to share, Ealadha from Cork have produced an intensely enjoyable post-rock and ambient EP in Limit of Our Sight. Opener 'Hurricanes' is such a good introduction to the trio, an amalgamation of moody instrumental and lightly distorted guitars coupled with unobtrusive thrashing drums and passion-driven vocals. 

From that opening salvo Ealadha very pleasantly surprise you on next track 'Heart of Mercury', the vocal filter somehow reflecting a visual of the dripping, melting chemical in its title, and as much as I try to avoid the reference, Mogwai's 'Stanley Kubrick' rears its head. 'Dive' is the third track to come in at over 5 minutes, but it's not for the sake of it, telling us that the band understand timings in terms of fully expressing what they wish to deliver, nothing will be rushed or condensed here, the music will be allowed to breathe naturally, and at it's own pace. 

As proficient as they have been up until this point creating original sounding ambient and experimental rock music, Ealadha seek to reach inside you and drag you off to somewhere else on closer 'Souls', beauty in simplicity, cathartic piano and distant vocals painting a grey but breathtaking coastal image in my head for some reason. And to think these guys had me at 'Hurricanes'.

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  1. These guys have crafted a thouroughly new sound landscape... listen now!!!