Saturday, 21 May 2016

Single: My Fellow Sponges - The Cold Hand

My Fellow Sponges The Cold Hand

My Fellow Sponges - The Cold Hand

Info: Up and coming Irish band My Fellow Sponges are developing a new electro acoustic sound with their latest single "The Cold Hand", written by Anna Mullarkey. The song explores the drive towards addiction and the pain of wanting something you know is not good for you. Analogue synthesisers give a dark undertone to the track while the drums add a jazzy contemporary feel. The minimalist nature of the song gives space for the lyrics to take the foreground. 

Anna's sister, Mia Mullarkey of Ishka Films, wrote and directed the music video for 'The Cold Hand'. Seductive yet vulnerable, the protagonist pours his heart out on an empty stage to a drunken audience of misfits. Turning gender roles around with the man becoming vulnerable and the women becoming the predator, heartbreak and addiction belongs to everyone in this gender fluid video. The mood and images are reminiscent of a  David Lynch film. The video stars The Lipsinkers’ talented James Riordan whose performance is both subtle and evocative. 

The video and song for 'The Cold Hand' are about as complimentary as you can get between the visual and the audio in musical terms, the anthemic and triumphant stride of the vocals and percussion in particular marry so well with both director and chief player Riordan's performance. The passage of My Fellow Sponges musical journey sees them move further into the electronic space hinted at in last years single 'Air', and almost a world away from the folk sounds of earlier single 'Floating'. They're feeling their way through it all, but seem to instinctively know what their calling is, and having such a broad background of styles will be nothing but a strength when writing new material in the future.

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