Sunday, 29 May 2016

Single: Saramai - Hanging Around

Saramai Hanging Around

Saramai - Hanging Around

Info: The latest single from Meath act Saramai, 'Hanging Around' was recorded live in one take in Attica Studios with Tommy McLaughlin at the helm (S.O.A.K, Villagers, Bell X1). Aimie Mallon is on drums, Cormac O'Keeffe on guitar and Saramai on keys and vocals. A video is set to follow over the summer and Saramai will also be playing at Vantastival on the 4th of June with other tour dates to be announced soon.

Saramai retains the powerful emotion of last years stunning debut EP Red Moon on new single 'Hanging Around'. A notable difference this time round however is the energy and thrust provided by bringing both drums and guitar more to the forefront. Saramai's unique vocals, at times reminiscent of a 1920's jazz club chanteuse, and at others power-pop, are cripplingly heartfelt and moving. 

The songs softer moments are delicate and calming, but merely leading you toward the tempest that comes on the robust pre-chorus; "And I've seen the devil / Looking at you / Better that you know he's there / Otherwise he's everywhere / Hiding in plain view." 'Hanging Around' is strong evidence once again that Saramai is currently one of Ireland's most talented solo acts and song-writers whom I hope will reach a far greater audience in 2016.

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