Sunday, 22 May 2016

Single: Trails and Ways - My Things

Trails and Ways My Things

Trails and Ways - My Things

Info: Right after we toured Brazil last December, two of our founding members decided they wanted out of the crazy touring life and left the band. Ian and I kept on, quit our day jobs, & went all in on making a new album. There was no turning back; these songs felt crucial to me, like my best chance to wrestle with the selfishness and capitalism inside me. 

"My Things" was the first song I wrote for the record, and it feels like the bridge to the rock n roll sound & spirit we're heading towards. We recorded the album on the cheap and fast as we could, and went for a rawer, hotter dreampop sound; with live drums on every song, overdriven guitars, rippin melodic bass, and the open chords of bossanova.

In advance of the release of their new album, Oakland, California band Trails and Ways release their new single, 'My Things'. A short and uplifting guitar pop single with a more than jovial demeanour, 'My Things' features multi-layered vocal harmonies and a driving drum beat. A humorous look at materialism perhaps, the song speeds along at high pace before treating us to a smouldering guitar solo to back up the new direction the band are aiming for, it already sounds like they've hit the target.

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