Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Video: Rollercoasterwater - Avey Tare Said

Rollercoasterwater Avey Tare Said Video

Rollercoasterwater - Avey Tare Said

Info: "Avey Tare Said", inspired by an experience that one of the members of Rollercoasterwater had opening for Animal Collective's Avey Tare a couple years ago. With its unique combination of electronic and live instrumentation, this captivating song is from their recently released EP Umami Sounding Fireball.

Here's a snippet of what Noël had to say in his review of the single back in March; "...while the Animal Collective influence is there musically speaking, the most evident element that they’ve co-opted is the Portland natives' love of sonic experimentation. It makes a lot of sense when they describe their sound as, "existential music… psychedelic pop, noise, rhythmic, forest music. With samples of everything from old video games, to garbage trucks, edited sometimes to sound like rain". This is experimental psychedelic music, heavily focused on creating interesting, rippling textures, but making sure to not lose sight of the song at the heart of it. With their blissed out, reversed dream pop harmonies, they embody a similar Beach-Boys-on-acid aesthetic to their namechecked heroes: but while they may be looking at the beach, they’re viewing it from under the waves."

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