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EP: Elly D - Rise

Elly D Rise

Elly D - If It's Cool

Info: Elly D is an established singer-songwriter hailing from West Dublin, Ireland.  With a unique voice that has been likened to "Blondie's Debbie Harry meets Irish Songstress Gemma Hayes", the singer's wide vocal range and hooky melodies along with her uncompromising stage presence have made her stand out from the musical crowd. Her love of many musical genres, from the early rock 'n' roll sounds of Elvis to the deadpan lyrics of Courtney Barnett, have allowed her to create an infectious sound that to date has left many unable to ignore.

After years of recording demos in her home studio and touring Ireland and parts of Europe as the lead singer of the band Riot Tapes, Elly D has finally decided to undertake a solo venture and release her first highly anticipated EP "Rise". "Rise" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Jam Studios, Kells with Martin Quinn.  It is due to be released on 30th May 2016 along with the music video for "If It’s Cool" which will be the leading single from the EP.

Elly D's debut EP Rise opens with a very gratifying pop single in 'If It's Cool', when I think of 80's pop it's split into two categories, on a plate chart pop but good and more discerning and timeless, it was probably the golden era of pop music in my opinion. On this single Elly D mashes both together, it has all of the familiarity of the former, instantly likeable, but the quality of the latter, fans of that time on any level will get this song straight away.

'Say' shuts the door on it's EP predecessor, giving us something quite different, we're listening to a contemporary piece of music without doubt. Doyle's vocals are sharp and the production is solid, it's far more transcendent and reaches the heights required to give an energetic impetus to the track, nicely given the electronic workover on the remixed version by Geisha (below).

Elly D - Say (Geisha Remix)

Final track 'Rise' is the third string to Elly D's pop bow. Incorporating indie-rock, electronic pop and dance ably, it encapsulates her sound best for me, Goldfrapp, Florence and Bat for Lashes all drop by here, both vocally and musically. You sense that there is a lot of creativity and further experimentation waiting to show itself on future releases and that Doyle has all of the basics nailed down, fortune favours the bold and she has done very well here, the next level should be a cinch.

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