Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Single: Calan Mai - Cup

Calan Mai Cup

Calan Mai - Cup

Info: Australian singer-songwriter Calan Mai has released 'Cup', the new single from his upcoming sophomore EP, ‘This Isn’t How You Get Home’. Recorded with richly-textured harmonies and a sublime fusion of droning folk guitars and expansive, electropop drum loops, ‘Cup’ sees Calan Mai subverting listener expectations and continuing his exploration of new and exciting modes of production. Calan Mai is the moniker of Jordan Lawrence who, early last year, relocated from Gold Coast, Australia to Manchester.

Speaking on the track, Lawrence explains, "'Cup' is about being alone. It’s about that last-ditch feeling of panic that sinks in when you lose a person – that sort of fight or flight instinct that says ‘don’t let them go, make them stay’. In a way Cup, like the other songs on the EP, focuses on the danger of turning people into homes, places into people. The song isn’t really personal – it’s universal. It made sense to bring friends into the recording process. I didn’t want to sing this song alone."

'Cup' is a that mix of sombre and hopeful all in one, like a lapping wave or a warm and soft summer breeze, the track reaches you and pulls away in an instant. The harmonies are all encompassing and the inclusion of complimentary electronic beats and keys add a nice contemporary slant to a traditional folk outing from Mai. 

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