Sunday, 19 June 2016

Single: Forebear - Delroy Lindo

Forebear Delroy Lindo

Forebear - Delroy Lindo

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: The debut single from "cinematic dirt rock band" Forebear, 'Delroy Lindo' is the precursor to their debut album Good God, which will be released August 26.  The combination of four prolific musicians, who have worked with artists and bands of the calibre of Feist, Bastille and Kimbra, Forebear have joined forces with producer Eric Lilavois, to produce an ambitious and moving song about the dark side of the Californian dream.

The song immediately grabs your attention as Goldbaum’s voice commandingly swoops through octaves, only to be joined by a mournful viola, their flighpaths intertwining and playing off each other.  As the drums start to assert their feathery presence, the lyrics come to the fore - brief glimpses of a fraying, toxic relationship that neither party can bring themselves to fully end.  The titular Delroy Lindo seems refer to that actor’s breakthrough role in Spike Lee’s Clockers, where his “domineering speeches from the driver’s seat,” served as twisted life lessons about the addictive power of crack cocaine. The beautifully sketched characters in the song seem caught in a similarly destructive pattern.

Skilfully tiptoeing a very fine line, Delroy Lindo manages to remain evocatively sexy while constantly skirting over the tumult just below surface, just as the singer veers from “teasing your neck” to mournfully proclaiming “you’re the loneliest of nations I have ever served.”  More than just demonstrating musicianship or songwriting chops, Forebear have managed to create a languorous, yearning atmosphere that soothes and seethes in equal measure. All of which bodes exceedingly well for their forthcoming debut album.

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