Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Single: Ivy Nations - Disintegrate

Disintegrate Ivy Nations

 Ivy Nations - Disintegrate

Info: Formed in 2015 in Dublin, Ivy Nations comprises longtime friends Darragh Faughey and Brian Sinnott (guitars), along with Joe Kiernan on vocals and Paul Donohoe on drums. Their debut track, the undeniable ear candy that is 'The Mile Road,' was released to universal plaudits and reached #3 on the HypeM Twitter chart. Second single, 'You Are the Centre of Me' premiered on BitCandy in December and received national airplay in Ireland, non-com radio in Aus and the US.

Now, the band is back with a darker, if no less catchy third single, "Disintegrate" (released Jun 20th). "If there is one song that demonstrates the lengths the band has reached to create a sound - it’s Disintegrate. The song was rewritten and recorded many times during attempts to get it right. The result, all of our energy and emotion captured on a track that is cathartic, driven by collapsing structures and farewells to the past."

The one thing about Ivy Nations that is unarguable, and yes, they may only be three singles into their catalogue, is that they never fail to please. It's one thing sticking to a winning formula, but it's another ensuring you don't become staid while you are at it. On 'Disintegrate' the band approach the song in the same way they did on their two previous and epic numbers, 'The Mile Road' and 'You Are The Centre of Me', focus is kept on ensuring the sum of its parts deliver another strong indie-pop hit. Not sitting on their laurels though, they've cranked up the disco beat feel and sound on this single, there's also a determination delivered via the vocals and guitars which gives greater thrust to the song than its predecessors. All of these elements combined have differentiated 'Disintegrate' sufficiently from Ivy Nations' last two singles to lead us to believe that the band are beginning something of a hot streak now, long may it continue.

Ivy Nations play Upstairs in Whelan's on Thursday the 7th of July, tickets on sale now via whelanslive.com

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