Thursday, 16 June 2016

Single: Latest Cry - Signs

Latest Cry Symptoms Signs

Latest Cry - Signs

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: 'Signs' is the debut single from Canadian electronic duo Latest Cry, the collaborative effort from Martha Meredith of For Esmé and producer James Bunton. The track, accompanied by a colourful, stylised video, is the lead in to their EP, ‘Symptoms,’ which is available on bandcamp here:

In her brief statement regarding the song’s intent, Martha Meredith explains that, "There is a pressure on women, in life and love, to suppress honesty for the sake of softness. For a long time I struggled with being completely transparent out of fear. 'Signs' is a celebration song for shedding the fear, feeling free, and asking to be loved for all you are, all you think and all you feel. For loving and being loved without disguise." There is a very important and key distinction highlighted in that description, which becomes apparent the instant the song’s prowling synths and vocal loops give way to the explosive chorus: this is a song of defiance - joyful defiance, but defiance nonetheless.  

At its core, it’s just a fucking stomper. In a different musical format, with different instrumentation, this could be a huge feedback soaked, half-time, cymbal-smashing set closer.  As it stands, it leans heavily into its gross, vicious, fraying synth bass counterpointing the rangey, charismatic lead vocal.  The video is an integral part of the song - singer, producer and director playing off each other - and is reminiscent of the vibrancy of colours employed by Hype Williams in Kanye West’s 'All of the Lights' video. And, as the chorus escalates into a wordless cry, voice straining skyward, you become very aware that this song could easily beat the shit out of you in that graceful, slow motion balletic way that Ronda Rousey used to employ when decimating her opponents.  It is the sound of a bullet bouncing off a person who has only just realised the extent of their powers and it is utterly transfixing, defiant and powerful.

You can stream the full Symptoms EP here;

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