Saturday, 25 June 2016

Single: This Side Up - Signs feat. Verb T & Moreone

This Side Up - Sings feat. Verb T & Moreone

This Side Up - Signs feat. Verb T & Moreone

Info: This Side Up are delighted to release the first single from their debut album 'Full Fat'. 'Signs' features Verb T & Moreone from 'In The Balance Records'.

The collaboration came about after a string of hyped live shows together in Ireland. 'Signs’ takes the form of a cypher, straight up beats and rap, with an edge and honesty that subverts the norm. Heavy head nod production, from This Side Up's Myster-E, lays the foundation. Styles upon Styles! Like minded voices from the West of Ireland and London.  

Although the Irish hip-hop scene in general is bursting at the seams with high quality acts right now, and probably at its healthiest point ever, This Side Up are one of the pioneers of this movement and right at the top of the ever-growing pile. Releasing their debut EP 3075 (a reference to, in their own words; '3,075 miles from the birthplace of Hip Hop some Sligo boys started making noise. "They’ve got notions" people uttered. "That’s the truth!" they said.) in 2015, they're currently working on their full debut album, Full Fat, which will be released shortly. 

Full Fat Album This Side Up

'Signs' itself is a cracking piece of hip-hop, melding old school early 90's sounds with a clear current spread across its 4 minutes, A Tribe Called Quest spring to mind stylistically when it comes to the vinyl scratching and Pharcyde on the other sounds, whilst beats and layers nod to contemporary act Cunninglynguists / Kno. In addition This Side Up have struck what comes across as an effortless balance between a very accessible track for casual hip-hop fans and quality that will appeal to hardcore fans of the genre. We're lucky to have these guys releasing music of this standard right now and I've no doubt based on this outing and their previous output that Full Fat is going to be dooooooooooope!

Take the opportunity to check out the equally wonderful 'True School' below.

This Side Up - True School

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