Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Video: Femmepop - There Is A Place

Femmepop There Is A Place

Femmepop - There Is A Place

Info: Cork electronic artist Femmepop has released her latest video for track 'There Is A Place', from the Underground EP which was released at the beginning of this year. There are lots of electronic synth bands about these days, and indeed solo acts, and it's great, but Femmepop, real name Margaret O'Sullivan, really strikes a chord with me as an 80's child, the music videos I remember long before MTV and the film soundtracks from that decade. 

'There Is A Place' feels like a musical photo album for that era for me, it's an incredibly nostalgia-inducing track to a time that almost feels like another world or a dream from the perspective of 2016. There are multiple levels of vocal effects, synth progressions and a general bag of subtle sounds that combine effortlessly, it seems as though it was all simple enough, but how they work together in perfect time says otherwise. Without being too crass about an artists labour, Femmepop could easily be penning soundtracks for indie films and beyond, candy once again.

Timecop1983 & Femmepop - Our Time

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