Saturday, 11 June 2016

Video: King Kong Company - Scarity Dan

King Kong Company Scarity Dan

King Kong Company - Scarity Dan

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: A band who built their reputation on the twin pillars of YouTube videos and crowd slaying festival performances, King Kong Company have returned with their new single 'Scarity Dan'. Accompanied, as one might by now expect, by an excellent video, the song is both a statement of intent as we move into festival season, and a taster of their self titled debut album with is set to drop on June 17th.

How do you make it through a day’s work? Team spirit?  Morning bowl of oats? Slow, inevitable descent into alcoholism? Well, if you’re anything like the titular Scarity Dan of King Kong Company’s beautifully frayed new video, not to mention the vast majority of your cubicle mates, you make it through each days humiliation by taking a little time to yourself during the day to have a bit of a dance and remind yourself that you have the power to murder everyone in the building should you so choose.

With beautiful production values, and a genuinely dark core emphasising their Death in Vegas / Leftfield sinister and propulsive dub style, the video manages to be that perfect and rare thing - a visual that not only compliments, but elevates the track, each symbiotically escalating and accelerating each other.  You get the feeling that Jamie O’Rourke of Killer Rabbit Productions is going to be getting quite a few calls after this. And the track itself, like much of their work, is designed to summon a crowd’s endorphins, bring them to fever pitch before the inevitable release - it’s something at which King Kong Company are clearly skilled, and this track and video are certainly going to lure more converts to their inevitable summer of festival dominance.

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