Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Video: Red Moon Bayonets - Bayonets

Red Moon Bayonets Bayonets

Red Moon Bayonets - Bayonets

Info: Red Moon Bayonets are a Dublin based 4-piece band started by Vinnie Flynn. Their style is a mix of alternative rock, blues and indie. The project  was started with the idea of creating something musically new and innovative.

Every track reveals a bristling sense of originality whilst hinting at the bands unmistakable Red Moon Bayonet’s feel. Band members James, Dan, Vinnie and Dave have all added their own stamps to this endeavour and their combined dedication and energetic musical input have resulted in something truly captivating.

'Bayonets' itself is served up with sultry blues rock atmospherics and moods, smouldering vocals and pernicious guitar and percussion call you into the darkness, like the grim reaper through the mist, this reminded me a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club meets Blue Öyster Cult, and that's not just because of the aforementioned scythe carrying character. 

The use of thick bass-string on the chords and shaker add to the sinister yet slow pursuit as the music gives chase to your inner fears. Directed by the multi-talented Laura Sheeran, there is very effective use of imagery as the morphing between in and out of focus shots matches the swaying motion of the track. It's a low down and dirty foot-tapper from Red Moon Bayonets, filled with that looking over your shoulder type of pleasure, and ultimately a quality single that will appease massively to fans of alternative rock.

Red Moon Bayonets launch their new single in The Workmans Club on Saturday, August 6th.

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