Saturday, 16 July 2016

EP: Tigwara - Tigwara

Tigwara EP

Info: Tigwara (meaning free man) are an alternative-rock four-piece, based in Limerick city, blending intricate guitar hooks with driving basslines. They have just released their debut self-titled E.P. which straddles genres such as rock, funk and indie, all under an umbrella of chill.

Tigwara open their debut E.P. with a track that pulled me back to late-90's Irish alternative rock on 'City Sleeps', such as Revelino or Turn, looping bass-lines and a rhythmic build-up create a swirling and dark-hued rock atmosphere that is blissfully enjoyable right up until its sonic conclusion. The beginning of second track, 'Gimme Your Time', sits in a similar space, but sounds neater and more polished, acting as a bridge between the opener and the E.P.'s second-half which takes off on an entirely different trajectory, Luke Brennan's gritty vocals giving a distinctive and call-to-action character to proceedings.

If the first half of the E.P. resides in a more nostalgic rock zone, the second has one foot in each, but quickly pulls the listener into what you suspect is Tigwara's true bread and butter, deliciously soulful funk rock. On 'That Soul' you feel like you are at the best jam in town, the band using a true musicians pedal effects, hooks, snappy beats and bass-lines bringing the whole funking building down. 

And so it is once again on 'Pay For Your Love', guitars glide effortlessly throughout, darting pointedly off into the distance before rebounding right back at you, this is tight but feels refreshingly off the cuff, a band enjoying every second and note of what they've created. As a whole you could split the E.P. in two halves, the first more rock based, the second funk-infused, but they are complimentary and it's such a pleasure to listen to and enjoy music that is so obviously borne from love for what they are doing, and essentially transfers to the listener.

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