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Premiere: The Clockworks - Girls Like You

The Clockworks Girls Like You

The Clockworks - Girls Like You

Info: With the release of their first single 'Girls Like You' on July 2nd, Galway band The Clockworks bring their first tale of social realism and cynical Indie Rock to the world. Weaving their "way around some great bands but without ripping them off" (Regina Mitchell), The Clockworks bring a nostalgic take on Indie/Post-Punk Revival, to frame tongue-in- cheek, yet wry and ironic anecdotes of life as a young adult.

The band have spent much of the last two months in pre-production for both the studio, and their live shows. Recording a number of tracks in April and May, they chose 'Girls Like You', a song that compares the morning following a one night stand from both his and her perspective, as their leading single. This song bowls along at a crisp three minutes.  

Hailing from Galway city, The Clockworks are led by London born James McGregor, who joined Seán Connelly (Guitar) and drummer Damian Greaney as The Clockworks in early 2015. The band quickly jumped into Galway support slots with such bands as Keywest, Hermitage Green, The Magic Numbers, Fangclub and Otherkin. Their first sojourn to the capital saw them play to a packed out Button Factory as part of the 2016 Searchlight Showcase.

The first thing that strikes you listening to The Clockworks' debut single is frontman James McGregor's unique vocals, residing in a half-way house between Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch and Alex Turner, the latter perhaps due to the bands music containing strands of Arctic Monkey's debut on its chorus. There is also a dash of Morrissey in there too, and indeed The Smiths and / or The Clash when it comes to the musical side of proceedings. 

The Clockworks are a band I've been following for just shy of a year now whilst they've deliberately stayed under the radar until they felt they'd honed their sound and song-writing to a level that was good enough to share with a wider audience, and it has definitely paid off. There's swagger, charm, pleasure and an instantly noticeable individuality about this Galway band, there's a fine line between writing catchy singles and painting a story that can be consumed easily within its confines, but on 'Girls Like You', and their other material, The Clockworks have shown that not only do they know how to write such songs, but that it comes across as second nature to them. 

'Girls Like You' is now available on iTunes here.

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