Sunday, 17 July 2016

Video: MNNQNS - Capital Talk

MNNQNS Capital Talk

MNNQNS - Capital Talk

Info: Rouen, and France's, finest connoisseurs of contemporary punk rock, MNNQNS released their latest video, 'Capital Talk' (above) last month. Directed by Florent Woods Dubois, the track will feature on the bands upcoming EP which partially shares its title, CAPITAL, and is the follow-up to previous release 'Come To Your Senses'.

'Capital Talk' is a delightful cocktail of humour, brevity and anarchy, all rolled into three minutes of a slamming wall of static fuzz. Over the last 12 months the four-piece have moved sharply from good quality indie to edgier and harder sounding punk, and the four pillars of their sound have now been established, a distinctive guitar effect, raucous drumming, screeching vocals (as required!) and the complete loss of inhibitions during each songs journey. Pour moi, toujours magnifique.

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