Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Whelan's Ones To Watch: Summer Watch 2016 - Choice Picks

Oh Joy Whelan's Ones To Watch Summer 2016
Oh Joy - Fine purveyors of 'post-mope'

Info: January's Whelan's Ones To Watch was the best indoor music festival I've ever attended, hands down, and I have some great memories still fresh in the head from those dark winter nights. There were some acts I was familiar with which were previewed here and didn't let me down, but equally rewarding were the ones I had no clue about, went in cold, and came out a fan of, the likes of Niamh Crowther, Rachael Lavelle, The Witch Trials, Bagels and Third Smoke immediately spring to mind. 

Due to the spread out nature of the event between the main stage, front bar and upstairs, I wasn't able to get to see everyone, if only I'd had Padre Pio's gift of bi-location (who knows what he really used it for...), but heard rave reviews from others I met there about the likes of Vameel, M(h)aol and many others, as well as discovering incredible music I didn't get to see that weekend since, such as WOLFF, THUMPER, Fangclub and RUTH. It really was brimming with talent and I was struck by the professionalism of all of the acts I caught, and more importantly, the sheer musical diversity that was on offer. 

If this coming weekend's Summer Watch at Whelan's is a fifth as good, I'll be delighted, yes, a fifth. Same as January, it's €5 per day or €10.00 for the full weekend from Friday 22nd to Sunday, 24th of July with a free pint of Hop House 13 thrown in for good measure. Below are some of the acts I'm looking forward to catching, but as I said above, they'll all be to a high standard and new discoveries will be made once again.

Whelans Ones To Watch Summer Watch 2016

More acts and stage times still to be announced, more info and tickets are available here http://www.whelanslive.com/index.php/otw-summer-watch-2016/

Friday, 22nd July

Brass Phantoms - 'City of Wolves'

Third Smoke - 'Ms. Summer Breeze'

RUTH - 'Who Are You Living For?'

Young Earth - 'Wanna Be Your Man'

Saturday, 23rd July

Oh Joy - 'Habits & Recreations'

The Clockworks - 'Girls Like You'

Three Underneath - 'Stay'

Exiles - 'Red Lights'

Sunday, 24th July

Harbouring Oceans - 'Enso'

Field Trip - 'You & I'

CARRON - 'Marble Arch'

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