Sunday, 14 August 2016

Introducing: Hot Contents - Carlow Young Creatives

Hot Contents Insomnia Carlow Young Creatives

Hot Contents - Insomnia

Info: Carlow Young Creatives is a band development summer project presented by Music Generation Carlow and delivered by Wall2Wall Music. 30 teenagers from Carlow are on the current programme to form a band, write and record a song, film a music video, promote their band (on social media and all!) and play a big gig in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, all in 2 weeks.

For my part I'm very proud to help out this great project even if it's only in a small way. The first video to feature is courtesy of alternative pop-punk six-piece Hot Contents and their track / video (above) 'Insomnia'. I instantly took a liking to 'Insomnia', its creeping thick bass-lines and clean distorted guitars are complimented nicely by the vocal exchanges, and to top it all off the addition of the flute to the song was a great idea, giving balance against the heavier side if the track. The video is cool too! It's clear the six musicians enjoyed putting it together and if there's no fun there's no point. Overall I'm very impressed with the musicianship and composition of this track and I've no doubt that Hot Contents' members will be seen again in the future.

Why not give the guys a follow on their social media platforms below and help them become stars.

Snapchat: hotcontents 
twitter: @hotcontents2000 
Instagram: hot_contents_band 

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