Wednesday 17 August 2016

Single: Niamh Regan - She

Niamh Regan She

Niamh Regan - She

Info: Magic. When something you really liked before, turns into something amazing not long after. This seems to be happening with increasing frequency with Irish acts in 2016, where I think 'Yes, this is a great song, these guys / individual could be at the start of something really great'. That's when I think that I'm looking at least a year maybe two down the road, but this year they're coming back only a few months later, and the rapid development is almost rendering their previous releases unrecognisable.

Toward the end of last year I reviewed Galway musician Niamh Regan's debut single, 'Sweetest Drop', and concluded that "Although this is only a brief introduction to Niamh Regan and her music, without getting carried away based on one song, it augurs very well for her future". Well, I'm ready to get carried away now and pin my flag to the mast. I had forgotten that I mentioned a warm connection between her sound and Nick Drake's guitar playing, and it's here again, but also vocally, and lyrically; "Like a drunkard on a boat, steering blindly toward the coast, you need to rest your head". 

'She' is a stunning single from Regan, and no complex analysis of the song is required, it is beautiful, the connection between pace, music, mood, vocals, lyrics and feeling are scarily perfect, there is no flaw in the track. If someone asked you what state Irish music was in, all you'd have to do is play 'She' for them, the song Niamh Regan should have written five years from now.

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