Monday, 1 August 2016

Single: Snippet - Falling Down

Snippet - Falling Down

Info: Having released four albums and a slew of EP's and other compilations over the past few years, electronic DIY artist from Colchester, Snippet (aka Johnno Casson) is due to release his latest album, Future Melancholy Pop Music with above single, 'Falling Down' being the first release . Johnno was born in a wonderfully multi cultural Hackney, London and grew up to the sounds of British Pop music, lovers rock, ska & funk echoing around his head. 10 years ago he took the time honoured route of moving from the East End of London to Essex and is now firmly based in Colchester.

Snippets latest single is a full-on indiepop groover that recalls a more chilled out Black Grape or Primal Scream circa Screamadelica vibe. At just over three minutes long, 'Falling Down' spirals down through a variety of experimental pop sounds, there's a baggy 90's feel to the rhythm and glittering electro sound effects bring a whole load of happy feels to the fore. The track ends with an almost gospel cheer before abruptly finishing on its snappy and recurrent bass solo line. Happy music for happy people!

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