Sunday, 7 August 2016

Single: Tempesst - Broke Down Blues

Tempesst Broke Down Blues

Tempesst - Broke Down Blues

- Review by James McGregor

Info: 'Broke Down Blues' opens with the addictive head-mover that is the drum swing. Heavy and persistent it chugs along; a train in a Wild West movie rolling through the Idaho Desert. As soon as Tempesst have your body reacting, they target the brain, with a riff that does what a good riff should: worms and roots itself in your head. Big, spacious chords accompany this to provide the song so much space without compromising any fullness.

Only once they have you where they want you do the band unleash the canons that follow the cavalry, delivering a smooth, powerful, controlled vocal performance that brings you on the singer's journey to try and find work to pay off his mounting bills (the landlord's been beating down the door, saying 'boys don't string me out no more').

With such a great start always comes the worry that the chorus wouldn't deliver, but in this case it absolutely does. The chorus is where the vocals are at their most impressive. It's big, booming and really catchy: defining itself as the central hook for listeners to sing to themselves. 
A great release from a band who really have nailed their own sound, there's a strong sense that Tempesst are one of the most exciting and promising acts to be making noise in London today, and I eagerly anticipate their future releases.

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