Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Track: Kid Trench - All I Want Is Here

Kid Trench All I Want Is Here

Kid Trench - All I Want Is Here

Info: It's almost two years since Belfast's Kid Trench tip-toed unexpectedly into our consciousness with his music, the release of two excellent tracks, 'Blue Skies' (below) and 'I'll Be Waiting' being the most pleasant of surprises. A gentleman who likes to let his music do the talking, the Northern Irish producer focuses on melding electronic pop beats with hovering r n'b chart sounds. It's an unusual mixture, with Kid Trench making both styles perfectly palatable to those who may be a little bit adverse to the latter in particular. As 'All I Want Is Here' reaches its finale all bets are off, you're in a chart heavy zone and he's calling the shots, falsetto peaks and to round things off an unforeseen 80's hair guitar riff shuts the door. I'm not sure quite what he's up to, but I like it, and I want more!

Kid Trench - Blue Skies

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