Sunday, 11 September 2016

Playlist: Remy's Best of International Playlist - Issue #001

Ptarmigan O Zephyr
Toronto's Ptarmigan

Info: This week's playlist is dominated by West Coast acts from the U.S., specifically California. The wonderfully dreamy and upbeat single 'Happiness' from Oakland's Trails & Ways, guitarist Keith explains; "This song is my answer to an argument with an old friend. She says, if you have to try to be happy, then it's fake happiness. But I think that attitude can leave you stuck in pride for your hip, authentic depression. I think seeking real happiness means you have to be honest when you're not, and that's the scarier path. Happiness: you won't find it easier for long." In an exciting departure from her previous single, 'Bitter Medicine' which was reviewed here earlier in the year, another Oakland act, Tanukichan, dropped her latest single, the gripping and powerful 'Enough' from her debut EP Radiolove.

We also have three great new tracks from Californian label Hit City USA courtesy of Gavin Turek's remixed track 'On The Line', Low Hum's sweet darkwave single 'Sunburns' and tingling dream pop of 'Gold Feeling' from Golden Suits. Irish tracks come courtesy of one of my favourite songs of this year to coincide with the release of their spellbinding new album, Madness is the Mercy, it is of course August Wells' single 'She Was A Question', plus recently reviewed 'Dumbbo' from Belfast's Hot Cops.

Back Stateside again we have the wonderfully chilled and blissed-out 'Take A Break (From Cool)' via San Francisco's DONCAT, lovely stuff, as well as Madeline Kenney (who did the vocals on Trails & Ways track above), covering Arthur Russell's 'That's Us / Wild Combination'. Kenney does a lovingly made rework of the track from Russell's 2004 album, Calling Out of Context. Last but not least comes a track I've really enjoyed listening to with many unexpected twists and turns, and it's from Toronto-based contemporary folk quintet Ptarmigan, 'O Zephyr' is a real treat that I highly recommend.

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