Saturday, 3 September 2016

Single: Caoilian Sherlock - I'll Be A Fool For You

Caoilian Sherlock I'll Be A Fool For You

Caoilian Sherlock - I'll Be A Fool For You

Info: Best known as the front man of Irish indie-rock quartet The Shaker Hymn, Caoilian Sherlock has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of fifteen. Well worn through years in adolescent rock and roll bands and stop/start musical projects, this solo invasion reflects a folkier and sparser terrain. Backed with an electric guitar, a sense of entitlement and an overly sentimental view of almost everything, his music is an echo of a certain part of the record collection that hosts the likes of Will Oldham, Alex Chilton and Arthur Lee and many others.

'I'll Be A Fool For You' is the first solo single, recorded with longtime friend and musical partner Robbie Barron. It's a melancholic love-lorn pop tune which decidedly places itself in the "anthem" section of the stoner folk aisle.

Sherlock embraces his inner troubadour on debut single 'I'll Be A Fool For You', whilst his distinctive voice is unmissable, the sound fostered here is markedly different to that of his band, The Shaker Hymn. You can easily visualise him walking off into the sunset on a midwestern highway with his axe slung over his shoulder. The blending of country tones and folk-rock work well side by side, musically we float in the space somewhere between Richard Hawley's Late Night Final and the Sheffield man's blues twangy guitar, and Dylan's 'I Threw It All Away'. Given Caoilin Sherlock's obvious embeddedness in old world music, and based on this debut single, it will be very interesting to see how his sound shines through on future releases.

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