Saturday, 3 September 2016

Single: Ka tet - My Hollow

Ka Tet My Hollow

Ka tet - My Hollow

Info: The subject matter of the song is essentially about failed relationships, the personal darkness that brings, and the acceptance of those emotions. Musically Ka tet have employed a different style of production from their previous records. The use of extra guitar loops, a dominant bass tone, countless vocal harmonies and an enormous drum sound gives 'My Hollow' a beefy, polished, studio driven sound that is somewhat removed from the live atmosphere provided in previous releases.

Taken from Ka tet's forthcoming, and unfortunately, final release, Surface Tension, 'My Hollow' is a thrashing piece of hard rock with little spurts of Metallica and Audioslave. The trio get straight down to business with a quickly escalating build-up that sees rolling distorted guitars paddle behind echoed vocal harmonies. Fingers crossed each of the band members will continue to create music as they go their separate ways and we wish them the best of luck.

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