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Single: Kevyn - The Black and The Blue

Kevyn The Black and the Blue

Kevyn - The Black and the Blue

Info: Following the release of their well-received debut single, Kevyn’s second single 'The Black and The Blue' marks an exciting change and maturing in the groups sound. Influenced by local artists such as September Girls and Otherkin and UK giants, Royal Blood, Kevyn’s sound is growing bolder, louder and more energetic by the day.

'The Black and The Blue' is a song inspired by the feeling of crippling self doubt and struggles with anxiety. Songwriter and frontwoman Karla Chubb wrote the song as a figurative middle finger to those who have held her back and hindered her confidence and pursuits, particularly as woman in rock music.

Watching Kevyn evolve over the last 12 months has been one of the most pleasing experiences in Irish music for me personally. From a starting point of alt-folk, the Dublin band started their journey into solid rock territory with debut single 'Scars' roughly 6 months ago. That single was nothing but beautiful, an emotionally striking listen that blew the lid off the barrel of their sound. Kevyn had been unleashed. An explosive performance at Whelan's Ones to Watch in July and a set littered with great original material showed that their vivacity was not restricted to the recording studio.

One song that stood out and stayed in my head long after that night was 'The Black and The Blue', their second single which has just been released. Fronted by Karla Chubb, she injects a wild passion for their music and songs into her performance, a performer that anyone who witnessed on stage would stop, listen to and derive great enjoyment from. The new single is an exemplary piece of song-writing by the band, the execution of the timing across the entire track is not only perfect, but hair-raising on at least three occasions. Starting at the 50 second mark, Chubb's quiet but strong defiance leads to a crashing of cymbals and machine-gun guitar riffs. 

The pace is jolting, we are fired through the air and then dragged forcefully back down again and again, at 2:30 all hell breaks loose, Chubb puts everything into the vocals and lets go, accompanied by Thin Lizzy-esque guitar solos we then have one last pause. Again the guitar playing is exquisite, the bass is wrapped tightly around everything and the percussion is bounding as the track slams to a close. Quite simply, what a rock song, unfiltered aggression and zest are all over 'The Black and The Blue' and maximise their impact on the listener. If Kevyn continue to write singles and tracks for a future album like these first two singles they will rocket up to the front of the Irish rock queue.

Kevyn - The Black and The Blue Live @ Whelan's Ones to Watch, July 2016

Video: Remy Connolly

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