Saturday, 17 September 2016

Single: Tycho - Epoch

Tycho Scott Hansen

Tycho - Epoch

Info: 'Epoch' is the latest single from Scott Hansen's continually expanding project Tycho and the keystone of the forthcoming album. The new album is at once a departure and an evolution for Tycho; honing the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake, it explores darker themes and new musical territory.

As we move ever closer to the long awaited (well, it was only 2014 when Awake came out, maybe we're just impatient) release of Tycho's fifth studio album, the second single release has just come out following on from July's drop of 'Division'. Where the previous single was fast-paced in terms of intensity, 'Epoch' is carried by it's own steady forward momentum. There are suggestions of an increase of movement many times across the track, but it remains restrained, with Hansen opting for a focused rhythm which is encompassed by wildly swirling sonic sunbursts. Like most of his work, Hansen aims to provide the listener with (a) an experience and (b) ensure they arrive at the destination they desire by the end of the track, he is incredibly skilled at achieving both, and that is why he is one of the best electronic artists in the world today.

Tycho US Tour Dates 2016
Tycho U.S. Tour Dates

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