Sunday, 11 September 2016

Video: Johnny Fox - Exposta

Johnny Fox Exposta
Photo: Fernando Galassi

Johnny Fox - Exposta

Info: Former The River Fane member Johnny Fox has released a new video, 'Exposta', from his forthcoming solo album, Cais. Fox explains that; "The song, the video, and the whole record project in fact, is a collaborative effort between myself and my girlfriend Samanth Capatti – Samantha wrote words to which I wrote and recorded music, which was subsequently accompanied with photos, drawings and videos, all of which will be released together in a dedicated website in late September.

'Exposta', along with the rest of the record represents in some ways a logical progression of the lo-fi/folk style that I have been developing over the past number of years, and indeed sees the continued development of Samantha’s unique visual and poetic style, but given the new ground being covered by us both – the album is my first venture into writing and singing in Portugues and is Samantha’s first presentation of a series of her writings - and the introduction of significant influence from Brazilian artists such as Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Cicero, Rodrigo Amarante etc. we have a strong sense that something outside of the ordinary is being presented with this project."

'Exposta' truly ignites a sense of the old world in the listener, Fox's outlined influences colouring his vocals and guitar-playing, which, if you were to look for contemporary sign-posts, might direct you toward a bare version of José González or Andrew Bird. Sung entirely in Portuguese, the lyrics are soft and soothing when put through the medium of Fox's voice, the song creates a sense of movement through both time and life, which the video captures expertly. It's a tantalising glimpse at what may be in store for us on his new album, which thankfully the Wexford-man will be releasing sooner rather than later.

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