Monday, 31 October 2016

EP: Junk Drawer - For The Cult Fat Guy

Junk Drawer For The Cult Fat Guy

Junk Drawer - Song 3

Info: Formed in a Belfast bedroom in 2015 by brothers Stevie & Jake Lennox and Brian Coney from rural Mid-Ulster, Junk Drawer are an indie rock quartet. Featuring members of Sister Ghost, PigsAsPeople & Mons Olympus (amongst others), they function as much as a collective as a they do a band; each member is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, with roles changing from songto-song depending on how they feel it should take form.  

Musically, they're driven by the near-telepathic sense of chemistry & harmony that comes from a sibling creative rivalry at the helm, as well as four musical magpies collecting and sharing inspiration from all corners, including krautrock, guitar-driven '80s & '90s indie & alternative rock, post-punk, early posthardcore and psych. Lyrically, it's kitchen sink absurd realism, with influences ranging from Jonathan Franzen to Stewart Lee, Marc Maron to Mark Kozelek.

Junk Drawer EP

Mixing the finest elements of late 80's and early 90's shoegaze and noise rock, Belfast's Junk Drawer have created a highly addictive and pleasing collection of (most welcome) lengthy tracks, the shortest, opener 'Song 3' (above), coming in at almost 5 and a half minutes. This first single from For The Cult Fat Guy is instantly likeable, casual yet frenzied and tips it's hat to the likes of Sonic Youth and MBV, whilst stridently asserting their own sound across the entire EP.

Second track 'Do You Ever Think About Existence, Adrian?' is nothing short of an alternative rock triumph. It rollicks through distorted fuzzed-out bass-lines and trundling percussion, the sharp changes of pace are dizzying, and the searing guitar riffs and chorus are sublime, the final minute of complete unwashed chaos is one of the major highlights here.

Junk Drawer - Black Cat

With 'Black Cat' we reach near-perfection, this is rock music as it should sound, there simply are not enough bands on this island right now purveying such an invigorating style. Bliss has been unleashed and the electric guitar-playing is beyond joyful to the ears. The EP closes with the soft openings of 'Quandary', it's lo-fi and bending lead-guitar progressions add to the chilled out feeling, but unsurprisingly, this is not to last. Junk Drawer embark on a fiery grunge-rock opus, completely in their element, as are we, they leave you strongly desiring an increase to the mania, this is obligingly delivered as we reach the end of it's almost 7 minute duration before skirting off down the road and into the distance.

I really enjoyed 'Song 3' the first time I listened to it, and even moreso with repeated listens, but it did not prepare me for what was to follow, For The Cult Fat Guy lavishes the rock fan with everything they want to hear and experience in the modern age. The fact that there is a diversity of sounds and influences, which at times are quite stark when put side by side, is evidence that Junk Drawer are no one trick pony and have got their sound exactly where they want it at this point in time, much to our benefit.

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