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EP: Orchid Collective - Courage

Orchid Collective Courage

Orchid Collective - Courage

Info: Orchid Collective return with their latest release entitled ‘Courage’, a cosmic 4 track EP which is set to release on October 21st. Consisting of David O Shea (lead vocals, guitar), Shea Tohill (lead guitar, vocals), Hugh O’Neill (bass, vocals) and Brian Roony (drums, vocals) the band have been gigging relentlessly across Ireland, developing their unique sound and quickly making a name for themselves as an unforgettable live act.

Orchid Collective are responsible for creating rousing alternative folk-influenced rock that would resonate with those who are fans of Villagers, James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver. Through their own distinct use of vocal harmonies and searing layers of reverbed guitars; Orchid Collective make themselves known as a band that set themselves apart from their contemporaries, offering a bold new imagining of the indie genre.

From the very beginning of Orchid Collective's opening title-track, you are drawn in by the warmth of the Dublin four-piece's sound, the rhythm is gentle and the lead guitar has a dreamy escapist effect. Lead vocalist David O'Shea's voice accentuates this feeling perfectly, rising robustly with the tide of the music as it reaches it's high point in the very final minute of the track.

Orchid Collective - Blindfold

Okay, so we've established that the quartet are residing in indie-folk territory, but we're not just going to be left there for four tracks. A sharp change of mood and style unfolds immediately on second track 'Tomorrow', the deep and mesmeric tone of the drum is tribal, the pace is slower, and if the first track brought warmth, this one brings a lot of feeling. Again, they have excellently executed the timing and management of the slow build, citing Bon Iver as an influence, the later third of the track certainly dips it's toes in Justin Vernon's Volcano Choir project, surrounded on all sides by the crescendo of the instruments as they are all pulled magnetically together, a chemical experiment that goes right.

'Waited On The Sun' feels like the half-way house between the first two tracks in terms of tempo and energy, it's instantly enjoyable and I'm seriously digging the guitar progressions on this one, especially from the 3:00 mark, at times vocally pointing towards Fleet Foxes debut album, it's another mash-up that works so well, a tight ship is being run here.

As the curtain comes down on Courage certainty is reached that we have one of the best Irish E.P.'s of 2016 on our hands. Indie-folk can be a very difficult area to standout in these days, mainly due to the sheer volume of acts, but also without sounding like 'just another version of (insert artist here)'. Yes there are segments which you can clearly hear influences in, but isn't there always in music? 

'Blindfold' is a powerful end to the E.P., it ebbs and flows so effortlessly that it's almost as if the instruments are playing themselves, maybe this is my favourite track of all of the four, but I also feel like I could listen to Courage 30 times and change my mind each time. It's a joy to hear such talent, observe such strong song-writing and admire such lovingly crafted songs together in one place, thank you Orchid Collective, thank you very much.

Upcoming Live Dates:

28.10.2016 Inec, Killarney, Co.Kerry
30.10.2016 Sligo Live Festival, Sligo
31.10.2016 Sligo Live Festival, Sligo
12.11. 2016 **Whelans Headline Show, Dublin**
01.12.2016 The Limelight, Belfast
02.12.2016 Courtneys, Killarney, Kerry
09.12.2016 The Spirit Store, Dubdalk

28.12.2016 Hot Spot Music Club, Greystones 

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