Saturday, 8 October 2016

Playlist: Remy's Best of International Playlist - Issue #003

Many Voices Speak Video Child Hit City USA
Many Voices Speak

Info: Bringing you the best independent releases from Ireland and around the world, in this issue we have music from Irish acts Auxiliary Phoenix, D-Day, Sun.Set.Ships and new hip-hop act Bleak Stack whose video we will feature shortly. We also have music from the United States (a superb single from Many Voices Speak, 'Video Child'), Sweden, including the amazing The Radio Dept., Australia and Canada.


1. Many Voices Speak - Video Child
2. The Radio Dept. - We Got Game
3. Auxiliary Phoenix - Bin Bein Bizzy (Original)
4. D-Day - Misunderstood
5. Bleak Stack - When We're Whole One Day
6. Sun.Set.Ships - Colours
7. JAXN - DYA (Rod Stewart Cover)****must listen!
8. Sweeney - Night At Spirit Lake
9. Anna Atkinson - When We Were Young
10. Ruxpin - Memories Warm You Up, But They Also Tear You Apart

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