Monday, 31 October 2016

Single: Palenco - Cloudy Leftovers

Palenco Cloudy Leftovers

Palenco - Cloudy Leftovers

Info: Cae Gwyn Records are delighted to announce the release of Palenco’s new
single, 'Cloudy Leftovers' which came out on the 14th October, 2016. The track, a shimmering, autumnal tinged slice of intelligent guitar pop, will be available as a free download.

Dafydd Owain on the recording process: "We recorded the single in Drwm
studio, Llanllyfni. Llŷr and I felt we wanted a more live feel for this one
compared to previous singles. We felt we needed to just get into the studio and
play the song until we felt we had the take that felt right".

The band are delighted the single’s artwork features a Meirion Ginsberg
painting. "I love Meirion’s work", said Daf. "His work fits our music brilliantly and I feel very privileged that he’s happy for us to use one of his paintings".

'Cloudy Leftovers' is yet another wonderfully uplifting release via Welsh independent record label Cae Gwyn Records by five-piece Palenco. Percussion and bass act like a merry heartbeat to this happy piece of indie-pop which conjures up The Smiths married to a day-glo Californian sound. The deep-toned vocals touching lightly on Messr. Richard Hawley, there's also a mid-90's Britpop strain running through the song, a wonderful piece of song-writing from the quintet which is somehow free to download here.

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