Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Single Premiere: The Clockworks - Mazda

The Clockworks Mazda

The Clockworks - Mazda

Info: It's hard to believe this is only Galway band The Clockworks' second single release after their very well-received debut 'Girls Like You' came out in July of this year. In a sense they are residing in a very romantic alternate of the go it alone unsigned band, often in this space is when creativity and ease within oneself, or a lack of over-thinking your music can flourish. With 'Mazda' the trio paint a humorous yet coy and unflinchingly straightforward narrative of the awkwardness of first love and the sheer terror when long-held desires might just become reality.

Opening with a dominant thick bass-line that draws on the best of classic 80's post-punk masters such as The Clash Sandinista! era, or a slowed-down Buzzcocks number, the trick with The Clockworks, which they pull off so well here, is convincing us that it's all jest, but maybe the protagonist doesn't quite see it that way? 

Going from lyrics delivered forlornly such as; 'I don't want, to see those looks, and I don't want, I don't want to hear those words', to the self-deprecating; 'In the end will there be any man, even half as sad as me, and if home is where the heart is. home has just departed, in the back seat of a Mazda, and I'm turning alabaster', a simple scenario is coloured with a stinging lash of dry humour and the scene is all played out in the back seat of a Mazda, where else?! 

As far as I can see at this early stage, The Clockworks are pulling on reference points from their genre's past that nobody else even seems to be thinking of, and they are doing it with ease. I can safely say that we can just sit back and watch these boys take off over the next 12 months, 'Girls Like You' was fantastic, this is better, roll on number 3.

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