Saturday, 22 October 2016

Single: RUTH - Queen Of The Con

RUTH Queen of the Con
Photo: Hanna McGlynn Photography

RUTH - Queen Of The Con

Info: Kerry-native and Dublin-based solo act, RUTH, released her second single, 'Queen of the Con', yesterday, the follow up to 'Who Are You Living For?', which came out at the start of 2016 and was subsequently remixed by electronic artist Wastefellow.

'Queen of the Con' is quite a contrast to her debut single, there's a far greater electronic presence, in particular in it's opening 45 seconds. Vocally it's as impressive as ever, with RUTH's ability to reach an upper range with ease not coming courtesy merely of studio production (which is top notch here), as witnessed numerous times in a live setting. When seeing this single performed live previously, I was struck by a James Bond OST title song, think Gladys Knight's 'Licence To Kill'. Another boon is the transference of energy and sharp euphoric moments as the track reaches it's finale on what is a notable progression from RUTH's debut single release.

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