Saturday, 15 October 2016

Single: Sunset Exotic - Chrysanthemum / More Human Than Human (ft. Kalyn Garrison)

Sunset Exotic Charlie Foltz

Sunset Exotic - More Human Than Human (ft. Kalyn Garrison)

Info: Locally here in Ireland it's not uncommon, but not entirely regular, for bands / solo musicians to depart from their original sound and genre, and try something totally different. It nearly always works, and it's very gratifying to witness. Be it from folk or guitar-based to electronica, or electro-pop reverted to jazz and blues, there are many rewarding surprises. 

Sunset Exotic is Charlie Foltz from Santa Rosa, California, who is also in garage-rock band French Girls, a band who effortlessly modernised the sound of the likes of The Monks and late-70's post-punk. Going from that origination to what he himself describes as; 'elements of 80’s new wave, London synth pop, and modern French electronic music', irrespective of how much I liked French Girls, that tiny synopsis alone was enough to get me excited, but could Sunset Exotic pull it off?

Intermission - I hate doing this but reference points are relevant....! French Girls...

So how did Foltz end up here? Musically miles away from his roots, something that is to be entirely celebrated. It's an immensely joyous experience to witness someone leap, not drift, from one genre to the other, with all of the creative investment being worlds apart. When I listen to this double A-side I don't care about 'the state' of music anymore, I'm simply residing in a place of quite heightened happiness and joy. From early beginnings there was something special about this musician, now it's gone and shot off on an untraceable tangent, we'll hear about it when it lands, but I hope it never does!

Sunset Exotic - Chrysanthemum

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