Saturday, 1 October 2016

Single: Video Blue - Bombshell

Video Blue Bombshell
Photo: Claire Francis Byrne

Video Blue - Bombshell

Info: Earlier last month Dundalk solo act Video Blue released a new single and video for 'Bombshell' (above), a move back to his musical roots in a sense, and a brief departure from his bread and butter electro-pop sound. The video was shot in a friends house in Hackney, London where Jim O'Donoghue Martin is currently based for the last few years. Directed by Dara Carroll and filmed by David Bird, there's a Supergrass-esque humour to the video itself, and it does have a bit of a brit-pop vibe overall.

I instantly loved 'Bombshell', it has all the elements you'd want from a song of unbridled happiness, a merry rhythm, shimmering electric guitar spurts and of course Video Blue's day-glo vocals to warm your cockles. I think this might just be my favourite video / song combo of the year.

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