Sunday, 13 November 2016

EP: That Snaake - Binded By The Smell

That Snaake Blinded By The Smell

That Snaake - Binded By The Smell

Info: Following the release of last year's debut EP, Go Bricker! (aka At Swim With One), Dublin noise merchants That Snaake have just released their second EP, Blinded By The Smell. Like its predecessor, the fusion of classic anarchic punk sounds á la The Misfits, The Cramps and to a slightly lesser degree, New York Dolls, remains an undercurrent to the sound on the three tracks here.

The most noticeable difference between the two releases though is the greater emphasis, intentional or otherwise, on song construction, it feels like the sound is just as chaotic, but cleaner at the same time. Opening with the definitively late 70's (1979 to be exact) vibe of 'New Stigmata', That Snaake commence with a slow rolling intro leading to a controlled and upbeat clamour, with vox bang on the money in terms of transferring their personality to the listener.

The drum-machine start to 'Scofflaw / Sisyphus' hints at what is to follow, you are braced for the wild abandon that is just around the corner. Fluid crossover between distorted bass and screeching guitar, joined by the high tempo drumming, punch their way around the vocals. Just before the 3-minute mark we reach peak That Snaake, a whalloping intrumental face-off bringing much delight to these ears, and the more I listened to it the more I heard the distant but growing spirit of Joe Cocker lurking in the shadows.

The wonderfully titled 'Sabrina The Teenage Snitch' closes Blinded By The Smell, a Brighten The Corners-era Pavement guitar riff kicks off the jollies, the band adding a Golden Coast flavour to their sound, but also something I wouldn't have expected from them. The instrumental break has a mid-70's rock feel, that is, until the frontman and band deliver one final punk-rock smackdown. I really loved Go Bricker! (ASWO), but I think Blinded By The Smell is a marked improvement, and now my firm favourite of the two.

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