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Playlist: MickRad's Best of Australian Vol. I

Remy's Music & Film's October Best of Australian Music Playlist

Info: Through a mutual friend myself and Australian musician, radio DJ and music blogger Mick Rad, who posts at, were connected on social media over two years ago as a result of our mutual love and passion for music. Luckily we got to finally meet in person when, a few months ago during the summer, Mick came over to Ireland to tour the country with his family. It was during this meeting that we came up with the idea to share independent music from both of our home countries with each other, and like all ingenious ideas, it took a little longer to get off the ground than we'd hoped, but here we are, and I'm excited to share the first swap between the hemispheres. 

Above you'll find Mick's 10 Australian tracks that floated his boat in October, and below I've included my Irish ones which will be posted on Mick's site, which sneakily goes to eleven, as Nigel would say. Ultimately I feel like the purpose is, obviously to share great music, but also to hopefully create new fans of both sets of music which may have never otherwise happened. Please, enjoy and peruse!

Julia Jacklin
Julia Jacklin

Of the track's Mick has shared I loved the first one from Julia Jacklin, an old Americana vibe fused with mellow rock sounds, Jacklin coincidentally plays in Dublin's The Grand Social this Friday and will be well worth checking out. Tashka's 'Ipseity' brought all of the 90's downtempo and r n' b memories flooding back, รก la Everything But The Girl. The contemporary punk raucousness of 'Turn Me Off' by Straight Arrows also hit the sweet spot, like The Ramones relocated to the Californian coastline. A real zinger comes courtesy of the ska-influenced pop funkiness of Young Monks' 'Bad Bad Freddy', an all-round feel good experience. More of the same please Mick!

Below is the Playlist that Mick will be posting shortly on of the best Irish music to feature on the blog in October;

Remy's Music & Film's October Irish Playlist

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