Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Premiere: Tim Chadwick - Dreamer

Tim Chadwick Dreamer

Tim Chadwick - Dreamer

Info: Remy's Music & Film is very proud to exclusively premiere the brand new single and video from Dublin alt-pop act Tim Chadwick, 'Dreamer'. 'Dreamer' is the follow up to his incredibly well received debut, 'Blindfolded' which received significant airplay across Ireland, and is a song about living for yourself and not others. 

Where 'Blindfolded' was a song about uncertainty and finding one's way, with 'Dreamer' Chadwick asserts a confidence and determination, told through the eyes of a young girl in the moving and uplifting video courtesy of film and video production collective Bold Puppy. The focus lies on how, through the prism of youth, everything is a wonder, and we impulsively follow our desires and wherever the road takes us. With age this curiosity is usurped by caution and over reflection on how others will perceive our actions. Chadwick rails against this inevitability in 'Dreamer' and encourages us to embrace that lost wonderment with the world.

Musically the latest single is a rousing affair, despite it's theme, and not because of it, it's also a notable step forward for the Dubliner, and refreshing to hear and witness ideas and lyrics with a depth to them. If Chadwick stick to this trajectory there's no doubt his star will rise, and this single in itself should be enough to push him along the line in the right direction.

'Dreamer' is available for download on Spotify here

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