Saturday, 5 November 2016

Single: Hotel Del Salto - Bigger Than Elvis

Hotel Del Salto Bigger Than Elvis

Hotel Del Salto - Bigger Than Elvis

Info: 'Bigger Than Elvis' is the debut release by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J Francis under his Hotel Del Salto moniker. The single is a slice of avant-pop that harks back to the golden age of pop experimentation by the likes of Brian Wilson, Prince, David Bowie whilst also referencing the current crop of individualistic talents like Euros Childs and Beck.

Believing in the power of pop music, Francis looked at how we as a people are enthralled by the sights and sounds of the USA and how we take those very things and turn it into something of our own. A trait we Brits have been doing since the first recordings arrived on our shores. Bigger than Elvis is a love song not to a specific person but to a feeling, a character tale of unnecessary egotism which is used to hide ones true feelings and raw emotions.

Ah yes, yet another joyous treat from the endless stream of high quality music emanating from Wales right now. 'Bigger Than Elvis' from solo act Hotel Del Salto is a loop-the-loop of unbridled indie-pop quirky happiness. Held together by a plodding muted bass and swirling jangly guitar eccentricity, the track has a killer beat and Francis nails down an old school underground funk pop vibe all across the song, what a gem.

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