Sunday, 13 November 2016

Video: Corrina Jaye - What Do You Want?

Corrina Jaye What Do You Want
Photo: Clara Scullion

Corrina Jaye - What Do You Want?

Info: Corrina Jaye is an Irish female independent singer-songwriter. Corrina released her debut E.P. 'Light Will Come' in August 2013. Her debut single 'Dark Room' gained thousands of views and many blogs shared and praised the song with Cian Walsh from Goldenplec stating "Launching her solo career in style… it’s just a matter of time until she cracks the mainstream" and Dwayne Woods from the 'Irish Daily Star' stating she was "Destined for the big time". What followed was two sold out gigs in Whelan’s upstairs and a tour which brought Corrina and her band from Waterford to Galway and back to Dublin.

Previous comparisons to Florence & The Machine are valid, but on 'What Do You Want?', Corrina Jaye and PaSv (Patrick Svensson) have also merged an over-arching and sometimes dark 80's pop sound with modern electro-pop traits. The track is also full of versatility, it could easily be translated and remixed into an electronic dance track, or r n' b number, but the correct choices were made here production-wise, the energy and positive tone is perfectly balanced and delivered making 'What Do You Want?' a more than ample song to appeal to a mass audience.

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