Saturday, 19 November 2016

Video: Ealadha - Hurricanes

Ealadha Hurricanes
Photo: PJ Rankin

Ealadha - Hurricanes

Info: Following the release of their brilliant EP, Limit of Our Sight, at the beginning of the summer, one of Cork's most interesting bands, Ealadha, have released a video to accompany lead single, 'Hurricanes', only yesterday. Of said EP, back in May we said; 'This is a collection of songs I've had to impatiently sit on for a while, eager to share, Ealadha from Cork have produced an intensely enjoyable post-rock and ambient EP in Limit of Our Sight. Opener 'Hurricanes' is such a good introduction to the trio, an amalgamation of moody instrumental and lightly distorted guitars coupled with unobtrusive thrashing drums and passion-driven vocals.'

The video for 'Hurricanes' is beautifully shot, flitting in and out of sequences of the band performing and the song's narrative. Directed & Filmed by Rob O' Halloran, he uses picturesque coastline scenes and slow motion to both match and contrast the pace of 'Hurricanes'. It's a fitting accompaniment to a great song from one of the year's best EP's.

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