Saturday, 5 November 2016

Video: Not Monsters - Sharpshooter

Not Monsters Sharpshooter

Not Monsters - Sharpshooter

Info: Borne of a spark, the idea for the latest single and video from Dublin's Not Monsters for 'Sharpshooter' was quickly put into motion and from idea to shoot they hurriedly hit the coastal waters. Directed by Penny-Merelle Gray, the video and track meld the humourous with the anxious, from the opening effects and foreboding drums, the mood is set for their peeping through your fingers look at the events unfolding across the Atlantic.

"See them waiting in the long grass, watch them watching from the wings, tunnel vision locked in, sniffing out the blood in everything, honestly I'm at a loss here, aren't we hangin' by a thread? You're spitting feather, pushing witless wonders headfirst under it." So goes the opening lines, a bewildered observation of collective insanity and unknown consequences, as the song progresses there's nothing left to do but laugh maniacally at the unfolding catastrophe.

Musically the song construction is well thought out, and just like previous single 'On Tilt', is destined to remain lodged in the brain for long afterwards. There's a hint of late 90's Irish alternative rock influences in the guitar and vocals and the track is a storming and robust piece of indie rock. It always seems like song-writing is effortless to Not Monsters, with ideas and concepts coming in abundance, a band always thinking and never sitting still, patience is a virtue, but boy would I love an album sometime soon!

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