Saturday, 3 December 2016

EP: Train Room - Delicate Bones

Train Room Delicate Bones

Train Room - Grace

Info: Mayo alternative act Train Room recently released their debut EP, Delicate Bones, following an appearance at this year's Hard Working Class Heroes, in addition, the latest video from the EP came out during the week for single 'Grace' (above).

On Delicate Bones Train Room puts melody and mellow sounds at the core of their song-writing, and also, appropriately given the releases title, sensitive instrumentation, all of which are encompassed in the opening title-track. From those jangle-infused tones we move on to 'Grace', like a mix between The National and The War On Drugs, the track is gentle and airy, moving softly between distant guitar progressions and flitting strings, before entering strident folk-rock territory.

On third track 'Horizons' we initially experience a more exposed sound, with strong acoustic folk leanings, lyrically it's poetic and paints a solemn yet hopeful scene, the harmonies and slow build up are effective in moving the mood sharply from low to high. Final track 'Talons' brings a folk-pop element to proceedings, and in keeping with previous tracks, maintains a focus on the softness of Train Room's sound. Delicate Bones is a solid debut from the Mayo pair, and shows much promise both in terms of song-writing and musical awareness, both of which are captured very well in each of the singles to date.

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