Saturday, 14 January 2017

Single: Vulpynes - OCD

Vulpynes OCD
Photo: Niamh Croneka

Vulpynes - OCD

Info: When hard-rock two-piece Vulpynes shared their single, 'Terry Said' with me last year I was hooked straight away on their sound and style. It reminded me of the raw sound of early White Stripes, but also had slivers of classic punk and attitude written all over it. New single 'OCD' retains everything that was great about that track, but Vulpynes also crank up both tempo and impact to great event on their latest single, which was released only yesterday. 

Roughly two years ago I bemoaned the lack of heavier sounding acts on the Irish music scene, but thankfully 2016 saw a bit of a turning point as the ever-evolving span of genres began to encompass more rock-oriented sounds as opposed to indie and electronic music which seemed to take up the most amount of space in Irish music. Vulpynes are definitely part of that movement, and based on what they've produced so far, I'm greedy for more.

The duo are playing in Sin É, Dublin, tonight, and the event details are here

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